The list of accredited testing laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025)

Accredited testing laboratories - 112.


Updated 2018-12-10


For detail information concerning Accredited bodies and their scope of accreditation please contact us by email or phone +370 706 65173.


No. CAB name Scope: Accreditation certificate no.
1 JSC CENTER OF LABORATORIAL TESTS Testing and sampling of aggregates, mineral aggregates, bitumen and bituminous binders, bituminous mixtures, hot asphalt and pavements, road marking materials, permanent vertical road signs, zinc coatings, construction mortars and mixtures, natural stone, mixtures and products of concrete, cement LA.01.002 Read more »
3 LABORATORY OF THERMAL INSULATING MATERIALS AND ACOUSTICS OF SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTE OF THERMAL INSULATION OF VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Testing of thermal insulation products and sampling (Annex 1) assessment and verification of constancy or performance of construction products according to requirements of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Annex 2) LA.01.004 Read more »
4 LITHUANIAN ENERGY INSTITUTE LABORATORY OF MATERIAL RESEARCH AND TESTING Testing of building mortars, adhesives for tiles, putties, plastics pipes, pre-insulated pipes and refractory products LA.01.006 Read more »
5 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC SERTIKA Testing of medical, measuring, control, laboratory, household and similar electrical appliances, audio and video equipment, information and communication technology equipment LA.01.007 Read more »
6 COMPOSITE AND FINISH MATERIAL LABORATORY OF INSTITUTE ARCHITECTURE AND CONSTRUCTION OF KTU Testing of paints, varnishes, primers, putties, sealing materials, adhesives, waterproofing materials and products (cold bituminous adhesives, bituminous mastics and adhesives, waterproofing rools sheets), roof coverings and products (bituminous shingles, corrugated and flat metal sheets, metal shingles), floors, walls and ceilings coatings (plastic walls and ceilings paneling, laminate floor coverings, parquets, floor boards), wood particleboards and wood fibres boards, mortars, dry and wet special mortars mixtures. LA.01.012 Read more »
7 JSC TESTLITA testing of fresh concrete, hardened concrete, concrete products and construction, concrete articles for tiding surroundings, structural timber, protective and finishing products, reinforcing bars, wire, welded products and sampling LA.01.013 Read more »
8 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC PROBLEMATIKA Sampling and testing of pavement structural layers, sub-base, soil, bitumen and bituminous binders, slurry and bituminous mixtures, hot applied joint sealants, aggregates, activated mineral filler, filler aggregate, railway ballast, fresh concrete, hardened concrete, concrete articles for tiding surroudings, products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures, cement, unbound and hydraulically or with bituminous binders bound mixtures, hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles, geosynthetics, flexible sheets for waterproofing, plastics, paints and varnishes, road marking materials LA.01.015 Read more »
9 CEMENT TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC AKMENĖS CEMENTAS The tests of cement and solid mineral fuel and sampling of cement LA.01.017 Read more »
10 JSC PANEVĖŽIO STATYBOS TRESTAS TESTING LABORATORY FOR CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS Concrete and mortar aggregates, concrete mixtures, concrete environmental products, soil, bulk and hydraulic bonding mixtures, reinforcing steel, sawn timber, buildings and parts of their airflow tests, and sampling LA.01.022 Read more »
12 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC FEGDA Testing of mineral materials, asphalt concrete mixtures, viscous petroleum bitumen and pavement LA.01.027 Read more »
14 BUILDING MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES RESEARCH CENTER OF KAUNAS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Tests and sampling of mineral aggregates, mortars and fresh concretes and their admixtures, masonry products, concrete environmental arrangement elements, reinforced concrete and natural stone products and structures, wood products LA.01.029 Read more »
15 Laboratory of Building Physics Institute of Architecture and Construction Kaunas University of Technology Tests for determination of physical properties of thermal insulating materials, products, windows and doors, insulating glazing units and building separating partitions (Annex 1) assessment and verification of constancy of performance of windows and doors according to requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Annex 2) LA.01.031 Read more »
16 THE FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT UNDER THE MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR OF THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA FIRE RESEARCH CENTRE PRODUCTS RESEARCH DIVISION Fire tests and measurements (Annex 1) Assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction products according to requirements of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Annex 2) LA.01.032 Read more »
17 LABORATORY OF JSC KAUNO TILTAI Tests and sampling of bitumen, bituminous mixtures, fresh concrete, concrete, soils of road construction, aggregates, activated mineral filler LA.01.033 Read more »
18 NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC LIETEMAS Tests of the defects of welded joints for all groups of potentially dangerous equipment and metal constructions by means of radiographic and ultrasonic methods LA.01.035 Read more »
19 HEAT-EQUIPMENT RESEARCH AND TESTING LABORATORY OF LITHUANIAN ENERGY INSTITUTE Tests of heating boilers, appliances burning gaseous fuels, solid biofuel, solid recovered fuel, water and thermal energy meters (Annex 1); Assessment and verification of performance of space heating appliances burning solid fuel according to requirements of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of European Parliament and of the Council (Annex 2) LA.01.036 Read more »
20 MECHANICAL TESTING LABORATORY OF PE ENEPRO Metal, pipes and welded joints strength testing to determine parameters of material strength, tension; welded joints testing to determine resistance for appearance of cracks during bending; pipes testing to determine resistance to flattening and expanding LA.01.043 Read more »
21 MEDICAL DEVICES LABORATORY OF JSC LIMETA Testing of medical devices LA.01.044 Read more »
22 CALIBRATION AND TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC RIANA METROLOGY SERVICE Testing of pressure, temperature, volume, fluid density, electrucal quantities measuring devices and valves LA.01.045 Read more »
23 FOOD RESEARCH CENTRE OF FOOD INSTITUTE OF KAUNAS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Chemical physical and microbiological testing of food products LA.01.046 Read more »
24 LABORATORY OF JSC KLOVAINIŲ SKALDA Mineral roadside materials, concrete and mortar fillings, rail ballast crushing tests and sampling LA.01.047 Read more »
25 DEPARTMENT OF TEXTILES PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL TESTING OF TEXTILE INSTITUTE OF STATE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE CENTER FOR PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY Physical and chemical textiles tests (Annex 1); Personal protective equipment conformity assessment (Annex 2) LA.01.048 Read more »
26 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC YIT INFRA LIETUVA Testing and sampling of bitumen, bituminous mixtures and pavements, soils for road construction, aggregates for road base and bituminous mixtures, activated mineral filler LA.01.049 Read more »
28 PI TECHNICAL SUPERVISION SERVICE TESTING LABORATORY Nondestructive testing of potentially dangerous equipment and structures made of sheets, tubes and other rolled sections of steel, welded metal joints, metal materials, solid soldering joints, and non-destructive testing of steel tubes and other rolled profiles made of sheets, tubes, pipes, aluminum, fused welding joints, low-alloy steel, solid solder joints, thermoplastic semi-finished welded joints, destructive testing LA.01.052 Read more »
29 LABORATORY OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND WORKPLACES CONDITIONS OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION INSTITUTE Tests of workplace, living and public environment conditions (noise, vibration, lighting, microclimate, elektromagnetic field and elektromagnetic emissions), sound insulation of buildings partitions and of building elements, room reverberation time, environmental and engineering equipment noise, speech transmission index, stationary pollution sources into the air emissions and odour sampling LA.01.054 Read more »
30 PI FURNITEST Furniture, furniture materials and determination of formaldehyde content and release LA.01.060 Read more »
31 VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY FACULTY ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING ROAD RESEARCH INSTITUTE ROAD RESEARCH LABORATORY Testing and sampling of hot mix asphalts, soils and aggregates, soil, bitumen and bituminous binders, dry and hydraulically bound mixtures for road and airfield surface, road and airfield construction, road marking materials and concrete tests LA.01.063 Read more »
32 ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Chemical tests in the surface water, marine water, groundwater, waste water, ambient air and stationary source emissions, biochemical tests in the surface water, the determination of acute toxicity in the surface water, waste water and chemical substances, phytoplankton determination and sampling and sample processing of bottom macrofauna in marine and surface water, determination of specific activity and volumetric activity of gamma radionuclides in the surface water, specific activity of gamma radionuclides in the biota, soil and bottom sediments, sampling of marine water, surface water, waste water and ambient air LA.01.064 Read more »
33 RADIATION AND PROTECTION CENTRE Tests of gamma radionuclides, strontium (90Sr), tritium (3H) and gross alpha and gross beta activity, the doses accumulated in personal dosimeters, medical diagnostic X-ray devices, dose rate and dose, surface radioctive contamination tests LA.01.065 Read more »
35 JSC LABORATORY OF PANEVĖŽIO KELIAI Road bed and bases, agregates, soils bitumen and bituminous binders, bituminous mixtures and pavement and to select their samples LA.01.070 Read more »
36 JSC ORLEN LIETUVA QUALITY TESTING CENTRE The tests of petroleum products and manual sampling LA.01.073 Read more »
37 CENTRAL CALIBRATION AND TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC ENERGIJOS SKIRSTYMO OPERATORIUS The tests of natural gas sampling, determination of natural gas composition, calculation of natural gas calorific values, density, relative density and wobbe index, testing of gas volume meters, gas volume conversion devices, explosive and oxyden gas analyzers-detectors and pressure, temperature, electrical quantities measuring devices LA.01.074 Read more »
38 ASSAYING AND HALLMARKING LABORATORY OF LITHUANIAN ASSAY OFFICE The tests for determination of the quantity of gold and silver in gold and silver jewellery alloys LA.01.075 Read more »
39 CUSTOMS LABORATORY Tests of food products, alcoholic drinks, petroleum products and textiles materials LA.01.076 Read more »
40 JSC DEKRA INDUSTRIAL Non-destructive testing (including automatic) of parent material and welded joints of potentially dangerous equipment and constructions, also of nuclear power plants equipment and pipe work by means of ultrasonic, radiographic, dye-penetrant, magnetic particle, visual, eddy current, leak testing, and metallographic; determination of metal parameters by carrying out tests of tensile, bend, Charpy impact, hardness, micro and macro structure, phase content, resistance to inter-granular corrosion and determination of chemical content. LA.01.077 Read more »
41 PHYSICAL LABORATORY OF THE CENTER FOR ACUSTICS ANALYSIS Testing of working, residential and public environment (noise level, electromagnetic field, illumination and thermal conditions); sound insulation of buildings partitions and elements, reverberation time LA.01.078 Read more »
43 JSC METESTA Determinate defects of all groups of potentially dangerous equipment, structural steel and weld joints by means of non-destructive methods-radiographic, visual, ultrasonic, magnetic particles, penetrant, leak testing and to perform ultrasonic thickness measurements of metallic and non-metallic materials LA.01.082 Read more »
44 CORROSION TESTING LABORATORY OF THE INSTITUTE OF CHEMISTRY IN THE STATE RESEARCH INSTITUTE CENTER FOR PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY Corrosion test of metals and their alloys, metallic coatings (anodic and cathodic), conversion coatings, anodic oxide coatings and organic coatings on metallic materials in neutral salt spray artificial atmosphere LA.01.083 Read more »
45 CALIBRATION AND VERIFICATION LABORATORY OF LITHUANIAN AND GERMANY JSC FESLA Testing of electrical energy meters, eletrical protection means, time switches, current and voltage transformers LA.01.084 Read more »
46 CALIBRATION AND VERIFICATION LABORATORY OF JSC INREDA Testing of fuel and LPG dispensers, tanks for liquid products LA.01.085 Read more »
47 CALIBRATION AND VERIFICATION LABORATORY OF JSC ELGAMA-ELEKTRONIKA Testing of electrical energy meters LA.01.086 Read more »
48 JSC VAKARU CENTRINE LABORATORIJA Testing of internal and external defects of all groups of potentially dangerous equipment, ships and welded joints of metal constructions by non-destructive methods - radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particles, penetrant, visual examination; to carry out leak testing and to perform measurements of natural and artificial illumination in the working places; to perform measurements of noise emission from industrial plants and to determine occupational noise exposure LA.01.089 Read more »
49 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC KLAIPĖDOS NK CENTRAS Non-destructive testing of steel structures and devices for metal and non-metallic surfaces, ferromagnetic materials, welded steel joints and welded joints LA.01.090 Read more »
50 METROLOGY LABORATORY OF JSC METROLOGINIU PASLAUGU CENTRAS Testing of manometers, electronic scales, fuel and LPG dispensers, road tankers, tanks and pipelines LA.01.091 Read more »
51 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC EKS Testing of equipment for vehicle speed measurement LA.01.094 Read more »
52 METROLOGY LABORATORY OF LITHUANIAN HIDROMETEOROLOGICAL SERVICE Testing of atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature and air flow velocity meters LA.01.095 Read more »
53 LITHUANIAN POLICE FORENSIC SCIENCE CENTRE Forensic examinations of alcohol products, drugs, fingerprints, firearms and ammunition, handwriting and signatures, vehicles and aggregates, toolmarks, human blood, saliva, semen and touch DNA LA.01.096 Read more »
54 APPLIED LABORATORY OF BUILDINGS, CONSTRUCTIONS AND MATERIALS OF VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY Tests and sampling of concrete, concrete products and reinforced concrete products, reinforcing steel and its welded joints, masonry units and ancillary components for masonry, natural stone products LA.01.098 Read more »
55 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC MATAVIMŲ SISTEMOS Acoustic noise level and high frequency electromagnetic radiation testing in working, residential and public environment LA.01.099 Read more »
57 CALIBRATION LABORATORY OF THE JSC ACHEMA Testing of gas signallers, pressure, electricity and mass measuring enstrument LA.01.102 Read more »
58 WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT TESTING LABORATORY OF STATE ENTERPRISE STATYBOS PRODUKCIJOS SERTIFIKAVIMO CENTRAS Tests of small wastewater treatment plants (Annex 1) assessment and verification of performance of small wastewater treatment plants according to requirements of the Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Annex 2) LA.01.103 Read more »
60 STATE ENTERPRISE PIENO TYRIMAI Chemical, physical and microbiological tests of raw milk LA.01.106 Read more »
61 FORENSIC SCIENCE CENTRE OF LITHUANIA Forensic examination of exibits LA.01.107 Read more »
64 JSC "Iremas" metal testing laboratory Determination of interlal and external defects of welded joints and basic metal for metal constructions of all groups of potentially dangerous and other equipment made from plates, tubes and other rolled profiles metal by means of non-destructive methods-radiographic, ultrasonic, penetrant and visual; tensile and hardness tests of plates, pipes and other rolled metal; transverse tensile, bending tests and hardness tests of welded joints; ultrasonic thickness measurements of thickness of metal LA.01.111 Read more »
65 PERSONAL DOSIMETRY LABORATORY OF JSC INTA The dose accumulated in dosimeter LA.01.112 Read more »
66 TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC SGS KLAIPĖDA LTD Tanks, Hybrid Inventory Measurement System (HIMS), automatic level gauges for measuring the level of liquid in storage tanks, road tankers, oil dispensers, fuel and liquid petroleum gas measuring and quantity accounting systems, automobile headlight beam adjustment and testing equipment, tyre pressure gauges, torque wrenches, scales, technical manometers and thermometers, laboratory automatic dispensers, volumetric glassware and plasticware, refractometers, spectrophotometers, photoelectric colorimeters, pH-meters, toxic gas analysers, automotive exhaust gas analysers, smoke meters, explosive gas analysers-detectors, dissolved oxygen in water meters LA.01.113 Read more »
67 PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC SDG Testing of working, residential and public environment (illumination, thermal conditions, noise level, vibration and electromagnetic field) LA.01.115 Read more »
68 AUTOMOTIVE TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC NEIGIAMAS PAGREITIS The tests of vehicle and it`s components LA.01.116 Read more »
69 LABORATORY OF SC DOLOMITAS Tests and sampling of aggregates LA.01.117 Read more »
71 STATE FORENSIC MEDICINE SERVICE Collecting biological samples of living persons and the deceased for laboratory tests; serological and DNA analysis,toxicological, histological and medical criminalistics examinations LA.01.120 Read more »
75 BIOFUEL RESEARCH LABARATORY OF JSC “AXIOMA SERVISAS“ Test of the moisture content, ash content, heat content, and particle size distribution of solid biofuels LA.01.124 Read more »
78 JOINT LABORATORY OF VILNIUS METROLOGY CENTER Testing of gaming devices, electricity meters testing, pre-packed products sampling, pre-packed products weight and volume testing LA.01.057 Read more »
80 TESTING AND CALIBRATION LABORATORY OF SC „LITHUANIAN RAILWAYS“ Testing of automatic and non-automatic weighing scales LA.01.128 Read more »
81 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC „ROKIŠKIO SŪRIS“ Physical-chemical test of raw milk and cheese; microbiological tests of milk and milk products, sampling of milk and milk products LA.01.129 Read more »
82 JSC ŠIAULIAI ENERGY Solid biofuels and chemical tests LA.01.130 Read more »
83 WAGONS DIAGNOSTICS LABORATORY OF JSC „VILNIAUS LOKOMOTYVŲ REMONTO DEPAS“ Testing of geometric freight wagons, wagon ultrasonic wall thickness, welds, ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing, hydraulic tank wagons and a wall thickness of ultrasonic LA.01.131 Read more »
84 TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC TUVLITA Testing of environmental conditions (lighting, microclimate, electromagnetic fields, acoustic noise, vibration) and static acoustic parameters LA.01.132 Read more »
85 JSC PAJŪRIO SAUGA Environment (acoustic noise, illumination, electromagnetic field, thermal conditions), vibration and sound insulation in buildings and of building elements air permeability of buildings testing LA.01.133 Read more »
86 PROFESSION RISK FACTORS TEST LABORATORY OF JSC SAUGALITA Acoustic noise, vibration, electromagnetic radiation, dust in the workplace and enlightenment, and the thermal environment of work, residential and public places of screening tests . LA.01.135 Read more »
87 LABORATORY OF JSC ALKESTA Tests of soils of road construction, minerals aggregates and fillers, bituminous mixtures, hot mix asphalt and sampling of minerals aggregates and fillers, bituminous mixtures, hot mix asphalt LA.01.136 Read more »
88 LABORATORY OF JSC ŠIAULIŲ PLENTAS Unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures, aggregates, road soil, hot bitumen and asphalt mixes, concrete tests LA.01.137 Read more »
89 National Public Health Surveillance Laboratory Physical factors - lighting, acoustic noise and vibration; thermal environment; suntanning equipment ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic field - research; chemical - materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, cosmetics, tobacco, water, wastewater, soil, sludge, waste, air, drink, food - research; Microbiological - water, surface chemical disinfectants and antiseptics, medical devices, pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations; air, biological indicators, cosmetic products; food, soil, mud, compost, with vermicompost, sludge, soil, sand - research; Molecular bacteriological tests LA.01.138 Read more »
90 National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute Chemical, physical and physical-chemical tests ; immunoassay tests; microbiological and bacteriological tests; parasitological tests; serological tests; virological tests; pathological anatomical and hystological tests; radiological tests; sensory evaluation; molecular biological tests; detection and quantification of genetically modified organisms (GMO). LA.01.139 Read more »
91 JSC „MONTUOTOJAS“ WELDING AND QUALITY CONTROL TESTING LABORATORY Tests of all groups of potentially dangerous equipment and construction steels and welded joints, metal and non-metal materials LA.01.140 Read more »
92 JSC „VERSLO PAGREITIS“ LABORATORY OF PHYSICAL TESTS Workplace noise, illuminance, ambient heat and vibration detection tests LA.01.141 Read more »
93 „Eurofins Labtarna Lietuva“JSC Chemical tests of food, feeding stuffs, water, waste water, solid biofuel; immunological tests of grain, grain products and feeding stuffs; microbiological tests of water, food, feeding stuffs and surface control LA.01.142 Read more »
94 Testing Laboratory of SC Kaisiadorys Poultry Farm Tests of food, feed, animal faeces and environmental samples from the primary production stage LA.01.143 Read more »
95 Alytus County Police Headquarters Forensic Science Section Forensic investigations of hand traces LA.01.144 Read more »
96 Marijampole County Police Headquarters Forensic Science Section Forensic investigations of hand traces LA.01.145 Read more »
97 Šiauliai County Police Headquarters Forensic Science Section Forensic investigations of hand traces LA.01.146 Read more »
98 BUILDINGS AIRTIGHTNESS TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC TERMAS Tests of determination of air permeability of buildings and parts of buildings LA.01.147 Read more »
99 JSC INDIPENDANT TESTING LABORATORY Physical-chemical, chemical and microbiological tests of food, milk and milk products, drinking and mineral water, sampling of milk and milk products LA.01.148 Read more »
100 Panevėžys County Police Headquarters Forensic Science Section Forensic investigations of hand traces LA.01.149 Read more »
101 Kaunas County Police Headquarters Forensic Science Section Forensic investigations of hand traces LA.01.150 Read more »
102 JSC SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE Tests of road traffic noise levels LA.01.151 Read more »
103 Klaipėda County Police Headquarters Forensic Science Section Forensic investigations of hand traces LA.01.152 Read more »
104 Phytosanitary Research Laboratory (Division) of State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture Microbiological, molecular biological and morphological tests of harmful organisms of plants LA.01.153 Read more »
105 LABORATORY OF JSC “TETAS“ Testing of current , voltage , combined instrument transformers , power transformers, power circuit breaker and transformer oil chromatographic analysis LA.01.154 Read more »
106 JSC ORLEN LIETUVA ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LABORATORY Perform occupational noise, illumination, vibration and thermal environment to detect and benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene in ambient air tests LA.01.156 Read more »
107 PHYSICAL TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC VERSLO ALJANSAS Tests of lighting of work places, electromagnetic field emitted by visual display units, thermal environment in the workplace, indoor climate in residential and public buildings, noise in a working environment, vibration at the workplace LA.01.157 Read more »
108 JSC „SABELIJA“ LABORATORY OF PHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS Measurement of lighting, thermal environment, electromagnetic fields, vibration and acoustic noise. LA.01.159 Read more »
109 JSC ENERSTENA RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTRE FOR FUEL RESEARCH Tests of solid biofuel moisture content, ash content and calorific value determination LA.01.160 Read more »
111 Analitycal Department of the Agrochemical Research Laboratory of the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry Soil and active substances in plant protection products LA.01.162 Read more »
112 „INSPECTORATE KLAIPĖDA“ JSC CHEMICAL ANALYTICAL LABORATORY Tests of fertilizers and liming materials LA.01.163 Read more »
113 PHYSICAL FACTORS RESEARCH LABORATORY OF JSC „TYRIMŲ LABORATORIJA“ Sound insulation in situ tests of constructions in buildings, reverberation time, sound pressure level from service equipment in buildings, noise levels of road traffic, rail traffic, air traffic, industrial plants, air permeability of buildings, thermal environment of working, residential and public premises, occupational noise and illumination of workplaces LA.01.164 Read more »
114 PHYSICAL TESTING LABORATORY OF JSC „AV CONSULTING“ Tests of environment and work places noise LA.01.165 Read more »
115 „Kiwa Inspecta“ JSC LABORATORY Testing of welded metal connections and non-destructive base metal surface LA.01.166 Read more »
116 LABORATORY OF JSC EUROVIA LIETUVA Testing and sampling of bituminous binders, bituminous mixtures, mineral aggregates, soil for use in road construction LA.01.167 Read more »
117 LABORATORY OF JSC PASTATŲ DIAGNOSTIKA IR STATYBA Testing of determination of air permeability of buildings and their parts LA.01.168 Read more »
119 JSC „KA projektai“ Laboratory Determination of the air permeability of buildings and their parts LA.01.170 Read more »
120 JSC „Objektų priešgaisriniai tyrimai“ Non-magnetis coating thickness measurements and polymer thermogravimetric tests LA.01.171 Read more »
121 JSC „SWECO Lietuva“ soil testing laboratory Soil tests LA.01.172 Read more »
122 JSC "Laboratoriniai tyrimai" Road surface, soils, mineral materials, aggregates, unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures and sampling LA.01.173 Read more »
123 State Enterprise “Visagino energija“ Chemistry and Bacteriology Laboratory Solid biofuels testing LA.01.174 Read more »
124 THE TESTING LABORATORY FOR MACHINERY MACHINES OF STATE MACHINES TESTING STATION Testing of machines, gaming devices - roulettes LA.01.005 Read more »