Accreditation in Lithuania



The main provisions of the relevant documents of the European Commission and European Council on the Global Approach enabling to create preconditions for the establishment of agreements on the mutual recognition of the results of the activities of conformity assessment bodies are adopted in the Law on the Conformity Assessment of the Republic of Lithuania. The Law was approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania at 6 October 1998.


The Law covers regulated and non-regulated sectors and includes accreditation, testing, certification, inspection, supplier’s declaration. The Law defines the structure of conformity assessment system, subjects of conformity assessment, functions of the participants of the system and their responsibilities as well as another issues.





Accreditation activity in Lithuania is based on:

1) ISO/IEC 17000 series standards adopted as Lithuanian national standards;

2) ISO/IEC Guides;

3) EA (European co-operation for Accreditation) application documents;

4) ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation) documents;

5) IAF (International Accreditation Forum);

6) Lithuanian guidance documents on accreditation.


7) FALB (Forum of Accreditation and Licensing Bodies) documents.





The functions of Lithuanian national accreditation body fulfils the National Accreditation Bureau (LA), responsible for accreditation of testing, calibration laboratories, certification bodies for products, personnel, quality and environmental management systems, inspection bodies, EMAS; to assess CABs to be notified by the Governmental authorities. Also LA is designated as GLP inspection and verification authority.


LA as independent institution under the Ministry of Public Administration Reforms and Local Authorities was established from 1 January 1998. Until 1 January 1998 LA was established within the organizational structure of the Lithuanian Standards Board (LST). LST was founded in 1990.


From 1st July 2011 LA operates under the Ministry of Economy.




One of the tasks of LA is to seek for the international recognition of the activities of accredited by LA organizations.


LA seeks it through co-operation with EA. LA was accepted as a full member of EA during the 3rd EA General Assembly at 1-3 June 1999 in Venice (from June 1998 LA was associate member of EA).
LA takes part in the activity of EA’s Committees and Working Groups.


LA became a signatory of EA Multilateral Agreements (MLA’s) in the fields of testing and calibration laboratories and product certification bodies at 16 November 2001, in the year 2005 - a signatory of EA MLA’s in the fields of quality and environmental management systems, personnel certification bodies, as well as inspection bodies. On October 5, 2017 LA became a signatory to the EA MLA in the field of Medical Examinations according to ISO 15189.


LA became a signatory of ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) in the fields of testing ISO/IEC 17025, testing ISO 15189, calibration ISO/IEC 17025 and inspection ISO/IEC 17020 at 19 January 2018.

Information on EA MLAs signatories is published at EA-INF/03.